3-6C-7. Sick leave--Accrual and accumulation--Medical certificate--Vacation leave used for sickness--Personal emergency leave--Promulgation of rules.

Each permanent employee shall earn up to one hundred twelve hours sick leave per full year of employment. Sick leave shall be accrued on an hourly, biweekly, semimonthly, or monthly basis as determined by the human resources commissioner and shall accumulate without limit as to the number of hours of such accumulation. The use of sick leave shall be supported by a medical certificate upon the request of the human resources commissioner. An employee is not entitled to more than the employee's accrued sick leave without first using all of the employee's accumulated vacation leave.

The commission, pursuant to chapter 1-26, shall promulgate rules to implement this provision.

Adoption of a child by an employee is treated as natural childbirth for leave purposes.

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