3-6C-15. Donation of vacation leave to recipient caring for terminally ill family member--Approval by bureau.

A permanent employee may donate accrued vested vacation leave to another permanent employee who meets all of the following criteria:

(1)    The recipient employee will use the donated leave to care for the recipient employee's spouse, child, or parent who is terminally ill;

(2)    The recipient employee's spouse, child, or parent is suffering from an acutely life threatening illness or injury which has been certified by a licensed physician as having a significant likelihood of terminating fatally; and

(3)    The recipient employee has exhausted all accrued vacation and sick leave.

The total paid leave, including the donated vacation leave pursuant to this section, may not exceed twelve weeks annually per recipient employee. The donation shall be approved by the bureau under rules promulgated pursuant to chapter 1-26 by the commission, including number of hours to be donated, confidentiality of a donation, definition of terminally ill, definition of life threatening illness or injury, criteria for determining employee eligibility to receive or donate leave and for prorating donated leave for part-time employees, and procedures for approval of the donation. Any donation shall be in compliance with the provisions of § 3-6C-4.

Source: SL 2012, ch 23, § 26; SL 2019, ch 21, § 15; SL 2020, ch 17, § 5.