3-6D-1      Civil Service Commission--Members--Appointment--Terms--Vacancies.
3-6D-2      Removal of commission member--Procedure.
3-6D-3      Meetings--Chair--Quorum--Law enforcement officer discipline.
3-6D-4      Employees covered by chapter--Exemptions.
3-6D-5      Protections for applicants and employees.
3-6D-6      Merit standards for personnel management actions.
3-6D-7      Promulgation of rules regarding recruitment, examination, selection, and promotion.
3-6D-8      Appointment of best qualified applicants--Eligibility lists--Misdemeanor.
3-6D-9      Delegation of administrative functions to institutions and departments.
3-6D-10      Promulgation of position classification rules.
3-6D-11      Promulgation of pay system rules.
3-6D-12      Payroll approval.
3-6D-13      Approval or rejection of labor contracts and settlements.
3-6D-14      Promulgation of rules governing discipline, conditions of work, and grievance procedures.
3-6D-15      Grievances--Hearing--Notice--Summary disposition.
3-6D-16      Good cause for employee discipline--Order upholding or reversing agency decision.
3-6D-17      Award of back pay and benefits to employees disciplined without good cause--Reinstatement--Adverse impact on budget.
3-6D-18      Assistance of agencies--Agency level procedures.
3-6D-19      Records of administrative costs--Billing of agencies.
3-6D-20      Prohibited conduct by applicants--Misdemeanor.
3-6D-21      Interference with rights under chapter--Secret information--Misdemeanor.
3-6D-22      Grievance for retaliation against whistleblower.
3-6D-23      Probationary period--Dismissal without cause .
3-6D-24      Records on law enforcement employees.
3-6D-25      Government Operations and Audit Committee to investigate matters referred by Division of Criminal Investigation.