3-6E-8. State contributions to health plan--Crediting and disbursement.

The State of South Dakota shall either make a monthly contribution to the system or otherwise provide for the amount necessary to make payment to the system for the full single rate monthly health insurance premium or contribution for the plan with the lowest actuarial value for each plan-eligible employee. This amount shall be transmitted to the account of the state employees' benefits plan in the Office of the State Treasurer. The state treasurer, after making a record of the receipts, shall credit the plan with an amount equal to that remitted or otherwise provided. Costs beyond this amount for other plans offered by the state shall be paid by the employee through premiums. After the contribution has been assigned to the plan, the bureau shall disburse the contribution in accordance with this chapter and the rules promulgated pursuant to chapter 1-26 by the human resources commissioner.

Source: SL 2012, ch 23, § 70; SL 2019, ch 21, § 52; SL 2021, ch 22, § 3.