3-8-9Information required for payment to spouse or children of deceased employee.

The disbursing officers shall be authorized to issue and pay such claim by the issuance of a warrant upon presentation to, and filing with the disbursing officers of the state or any of its political subdivisions of a verified claim, executed by such surviving spouse or circuit court judge as hereafter provided together with a showing in respect to:

(1)    The time and place of death of the deceased employee;

(2)    The department or branch of service of the state, or any political subdivision where the deceased was employed;

(3)    The total amount of property, real and personal, owned by the deceased employee at the time of his death;

(4)    The amount of her claim and the date of accrual thereof;

(5)    And such other information as the disbursing officer may require.

In case the deceased employee left no surviving spouse, the circuit court judge is designated as a person to execute and present the verified claim, required under this section, and to receive and pay over the proceeds for the benefit of the minor children if the same be exempt.

Source: SL 1953, ch 491, §§ 2, 5; SDC Supp 1960, § 55.2919 (2), (5).