3-9-2.1Meals and lodging actual cost reimbursement regardless of whether away from residence or headquarters.

The State Board of Finance may authorize reimbursement of the actual costs of lodging and meals, excluding any alcoholic beverage as defined in subdivision 35-1-1(1), but including a gratuity incurred by a state officer or employee in the performance of his or her duties, regardless of whether the officer or employee is away from his or her place of residence or headquarters station, if:

(1)    The lodging and meals are in furtherance of the state's interests, concerns, and activities;

(2)    The activity for which the lodging and meal is required is related specifically to hosting a prospect for any business development, trade, or tourism promotional activity; and

(3)    The officer or employee is performing an official duty at the direction of the head of the officer's or employee's department or office, which approval is certified in writing by the department or office head, or by the Governor.

The authorization shall be made on a form prescribed by the Governor and supported by receipts and the certification of the department or office head and shall accompany the claim filed pursuant to § 3-9-8.

The reimbursement for a gratuity authorized by this section may either be a voluntary service gratuity, not to exceed eighteen percent, or a mandatory service gratuity added to the bill by the establishment, not to exceed twenty percent.

Source: SL 2015, ch 24, § 2.