3-12C-223 . Investment of assets by investment council--Pooling of funds--Standards for investment--Compliance with federal divestiture enactments.

The State Investment Council as provided in §  4-5-12 is responsible for the investment of the assets of the system. The Investment Council may pool the several retirement funds for investment purposes and the investment of the funds is not restricted by the provisions of §  4-5-26 , but is governed by the provisions of §  4-5-27 . The assets of the system may not be managed in any manner for the purposes of social investment. The State Investment Council shall invest member trust funds in a manner that is solely designed to provide for the exclusive benefit of the members and benefit recipients of the system. The foregoing provisions notwithstanding, the State Investment Council shall establish a shareholder activism policy to engage and promote compliance with federal divestiture enactments by the United States Congress and to recognize the risks associated with companies doing business in the countries identified. Once the United States Congress has acted, the State Investment Council may initiate the shareholder activism policy on its own accord, or shall do so at the direction of the Legislature by resolution. The State Investment Council shall report semi-annually on council actions related to the shareholder activism policy. The report shall include an analysis of the success of the policy in accomplishing the goal of promoting compliance with the federal enactments and its impact on all sales of affected companies.

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