3-12C-604Contributions left in system on termination of employment without vested right--Maximum period--Forfeiture.

A member of the system who is not vested may leave the member's accumulated contributions in the system upon termination of employment for a period not to exceed ten years from the date of termination. However, no additional contributions may be made to the system by the member or a participating unit following the date of termination and no benefits in the retirement system may accrue to a member of the system following the date of termination, except as provided in § 3-12C-310. If the member withdraws the member's accumulated contributions, membership in the system terminates. At the end of the ten-year period, no further interest may be credited with respect to contributions and no further investment return may be credited with respect to any variable retirement account. If the member fails to withdraw the member's accumulated contributions within eleven years following the member's termination, the member shall forfeit all rights to the member's accumulated contributions, variable retirement account, and to any credited service in connection therewith, if the system has made reasonable efforts to notify the member of the member's withdrawal rights and the effect of this section.

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