3-12C-608. Eligibility for benefits upon becoming full-time employee within twelve months after withdrawal.

Notwithstanding any provision of this chapter to the contrary, whenever a member withdraws accumulated contributions under § 3-12C-602 and becomes a full-time employee within twelve months after withdrawal, contributions must have been made to the system for a period of twelve consecutive months before the member is eligible for benefits pursuant to § 3-12C-901. The member shall furthermore be ineligible to apply for additional survivor protection pursuant to § 3-12C-1001 as a new member of the system. To be eligible for a disability benefit pursuant to § 3-12C-803 or 3-12C-812, the member must have at least three years of contributory service since the date of the last withdrawal unless the member was disabled by accidental means while performing the usual duties for the employer.

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