3-12C-713. Contribution credit defined--Payment of contribution credit and credited investment return.

For purposes of this section, the term, contribution credit, means the employer and member contributions, reduced by any variable retirement contributions, on compensation not included in the computation of final average compensation as a result of the final average compensation limits provided pursuant to §§ 3-12C-1104 and 3-12C-1202.

The contribution credit plus the credited investment return on the contribution credit is payable at the retirement, disability, or death of the member. The credited investment return, which shall be credited annually as of June thirtieth, is the South Dakota Investment Council's reported money-weighted investment return of the system, net of fees, for the completed fiscal year. Any contribution credit made during the fiscal year shall receive one-half year's credited investment return for that year. For any account distributed during the fiscal year, the estimated investment return shall be credited to the end of the month before the date on which the contribution credit is paid.

The contribution credit plus credited investment return is payable to the member commencing a retirement benefit or a disability benefit three consecutive calendar months after the effective date of the benefit. The contribution credit plus credited investment return is payable to a member's child who is eligible for a family benefit or a member's spouse who is eligible for a surviving spouse benefit, upon the death of the member. No contribution credit is payable to any member who withdraws accumulated contributions from the system or to any beneficiary who receives a lump sum payment of accumulated contributions. For the purpose of paying a distribution, the amount payable is the total of contribution credit plus credited investment return or the total contribution credit, whichever is greater. The amount may be paid in a lump sum, rolled over to the South Dakota deferred compensation plan, rolled over to another eligible plan, or used to purchase a supplemental pension benefit. However, the purchase of a supplemental pension benefit is only available upon the member's retirement.

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