4-6A-1    Definitions.

4-6A-2    Public deposit protection commission established--Function.

4-6A-3    Segregation of collateral by public depository--Value--Deposit and designation--Letters of credit and surety bonds.

4-6A-4    Valuation of collateral--Substitution of securities.

4-6A-5    Income from collateral.

4-6A-6    Information required of depository--Disqualification on failure to provide information.

4-6A-7    Reports of public deposits and segregated collateral--False statement as perjury.

4-6A-8    Treasurer not liable for loss from authorized deposits.

4-6A-9    Public deposits protected by chapter.

4-6A-10    Payment to public officers after loss determined--Procedures.

4-6A-11    Ascertainment of public deposits and insurance when depository restrained or taken in possession--Certification to public depositors.

4-6A-12    Depositors' statements of deposits to commission.

4-6A-13    Losses in depositories--Assessment against public depositories.

4-6A-14    Payment of assessments by depositories--Liquidation of collateral on failure to pay.

4-6A-15    Reimbursement of public depositors from proceeds of assessments.

4-6A-16    Actions for protection or settlement of claims.

4-6A-17    Fixing date of loss.

4-6A-18    Repealed by SL 1986, ch 44, § 12.

4-6A-19    Subrogation of commission to depositors' claims--Apportionment of amounts recovered--Refund of assessments--Expenses of liquidation.

4-6A-20    Rules of commission.

4-6A-21    Citation of chapter.