01    Department Of School And Public Lands

02    State-Owned Lands In General

03    Selection, Exchange And Classification Of School And Public Lands

04    Administration Of School And Public Lands

05    Agricultural And Grazing Leases Of School And Public Lands

06    Timber Sales On School And Public Lands

07    Minerals On School And Public Lands

08    Rural Credit Mineral Reservation

09    Sale Of School And Public Lands

10    State School And Endowment Funds

11    Payments In Lieu Of Taxes On State Lands

12    South Dakota Building Authority

13    State Engineer [Superseded]

14    Public Buildings And Improvements

15    State Capitol And Grounds

16    State-Owned Housing Facilities

17    State Cement Plant [Repealed And Transferred]

18    Public Contracts Awarded On Competitive Bids [Repealed]

18A    Public Agency Procurement--General Provisions

18B    Procurement Of Public Improvements

18C    Procurement By Local Government Units

18D    Procurement By State Agencies

19    Residential Preference In Public Contracts [Repealed]

20    Preference For Handicapped In Public Contracts [Repealed]

21    Performance Bonds For Public Improvement Contracts

22    Liens Relating To Public Improvement Contracts

23    State Purchases And Printing [Repealed]

24    Receipt, Care And Accounting For Public Property

24A    Disposal Of State Surplus Property

25    State Motor Vehicle Pool

26    Prompt Payment Act

27    Capital Construction Fund

28    South Dakota Municipal Facilities Authority [Repealed]

29    Research Parks