5-7-1      Commissioner of school and public lands to conduct leasing of state-owned mineral interests.
5-7-2      Advertising and auction of mineral leases--Exemptions.
5-7-3      Lands subject to lease.
5-7-4      Right of entry to prospect for and remove minerals.
5-7-4.1      Lease required to explore for minerals--Civil penalty--Publication of data collected--Judicial remedies for enforcement.
5-7-5      Repealed.
5-7-6      Oil, gas, and geothermal resources not subject to provisions--Exemption of lands sold prior to reservation.
5-7-7, 5-7-7.1. Repealed.
5-7-8      Priority to receive permit determined by application date.
5-7-8.1, 5-7-8.2. Repealed.
5-7-9      Repealed.
5-7-10      Repealed.
5-7-11      Repealed.
5-7-11.1      Repealed.
5-7-12, 5-7-13. Repealed.
5-7-14      Repealed.
5-7-15      Repealed.
5-7-16      Right of lease holder to enter sold or leased lands.
5-7-17      Repealed.
5-7-17.1      Disposition of payments for damages.
5-7-18      Oil and gas leases--Casing-head gas included.
5-7-19      Oil, gas, and geothermal exploration, development and production leases authorized.
5-7-20      Application for oil, gas, or geothermal lease--Tender of annual rental and bonus--Form and contents of application.
5-7-21      Advertising of oil and gas or geothermal leases--Conduct of auction.
5-7-22      Withholding of tracts from oil, gas, other mineral or geothermal resources leasing.
5-7-23      Term of oil and gas leases--Resumption of drilling operations after cessation of production.
5-7-23.1      Term of geothermal leases.
5-7-24      Royalty provisions in oil and gas leases--Annual rental.
5-7-24.1      Royalty provisions in geothermal leases--Renegotiation--Annual rental.
5-7-25      Customary provisions inserted in leases for protection of state and surface owners and lessees.
5-7-25.1      Geothermal resources--Additional provisions applicable to.
5-7-26      Leases assignable--Minimum tract assignable.
5-7-27      Execution and acknowledgment of assignments of leases--Filing and recordation--Form and fees.
5-7-28      Grounds for refusal to approve assignment of lease.
5-7-29      Effect of approved assignment of lease.
5-7-30      Grounds for cancellation of lease--Notice of intent to cancel and opportunity to remedy default.
5-7-31      Correction of mistaken land descriptions in leases.
5-7-32      Pooling agreements on behalf of state authorized.
5-7-33      Deposit of collections from leases in treasury.

5-7-34      Apportionment of receipts from leasing of school, indemnity and endowment lands.
5-7-35      Repealed.
5-7-36      Records of mineral interests and leases maintained by commissioner.
5-7-37      Rules and regulations governing leasing--Promulgation.
5-7-38      Water law provisions applicable to certain geothermal leases.
5-7-39      Validation of oil and gas leases prior to July 1, 1981.
5-7-40      Limitation of actions to contest validity of oil and gas leases.
5-7-41      Assignment of certain state-owned minerals to oil and gas royalty increment status--Required findings.
5-7-42      Amount of royalty for leases of lands assigned oil and gas royalty increment status.
5-7-43      Royalty increments for commingled lands assigned oil and gas royalty increment status.
5-7-44      Leases offered only during term of royalty increment status.
5-7-45      Commissioner authorized to issue leases for prospecting, exploration and mining.
5-7-46      Penalties for fraud.
5-7-47      Inspection of records.
5-7-48      Preferential right of lessee to renew or purchase leased lands.
5-7-49      Definitions.
5-7-50      Validity of leases prior to 1993 amendments to this chapter.
5-7-51      Relinquishment of prospecting permit.
5-7-52      Term of permit--Primary and secondary terms--Tertiary and quaternary terms--Royalties.
5-7-53      Conditions warranting suspension of license--Effective date--Term of suspension.
5-7-54      Annual rental--Minimum.
5-7-55      Payment of royalty--Amount.
5-7-56      Marketing minerals.
5-7-57      Bond required--Amount.
5-7-58      Records furnished within reasonable bounds--Confidentiality of records.
5-7-59      Relinquishing lease to state.
5-7-60      Cancellation of lease by commissioner--Notice required.
5-7-61      Assignment of lease.
5-7-62      Removal of improvements and equipment upon termination--Time limit.
5-7-63      Authority to withhold land from leasing--Rejection of application--Competitive bidding.
5-7-64      Transfer of State Cement Plant Commission mineral estates to commissioner of school and public lands.
5-7-65      Limited surface and subsurface easements for access to oil, gas, minerals, and geothermal resources.