5-14-32. Definitions.

Terms used in this section and §§ 5-14-33 to 5-14-38, inclusive, mean:

(1)    "High-performance green building standard," a building that is designed and constructed in a manner that achieves at least:

(a)    A certified rating under the United States Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system in effect as of November 18, 2013;

(b)    A two globe rating under the Green Building Initiative's Green Globes rating system as of July 31, 2013; or

(c)    A comparable numeric rating under a sustainable building certification program recognized by the American National Standards Institute as an accredited standards developer;

(2)    "New construction," any new building constructed by any state agency, department, institution, or the Board of Regents, which:

(a)    Has a cost of at least one million dollars or contains at least ten thousand square feet of space; and

(b)    Has heating, ventilation, or air conditioning.

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