5-18A-17.6Definitions applicable to §§ 5-18A-17 to 5-18A-17.5.

The terms used in §§ 5-18A-17 to 5-18A-17.5, inclusive, mean:

(1)    "State agency," each board, commission, committee, council, department, division, office, task force, or agency of state government. The term, state agency, does not include any authority created by the Legislature or executive order;

(2)    "State officer," a person who is elected or appointed to serve a state agency. The term does not include a member of the Legislature, a person who serves without compensation, or a person who is only paid per diem in accordance with § 4-7-10.4;

(3)    "Governing body," the Executive Board of the Legislative Research Council, the Supreme Court, the Board of Regents, the Public Utilities Commission, each constitutional officer, the Board of Trustees of the South Dakota Retirement System, the State Investment Council, or the Governor;

(4)    "Administer a contract," decision making or substantive influence on the decision making concerning the manner, method, or means of a contract's performance or enforcement such as the ability to terminate, suspend, change terms, or evaluate the counter-party's performance under the contract. The term does not include review and approval of contract documents for matters of style and form or conformity with authorizing legislation or rule, mere clerical tasks such as posting, making, or reconciling payments or accounts under the contract, collecting or reporting fiscal data or other information in relation to the contract's performance, or relaying substantive decisions made by another person or body as to the manner, method, or means of a contract's performance or enforcement.

Source: SL 2015, ch 30, § 8.