5-18D-18Evaluation criteria to be stated in request for proposals.

The request for proposals shall state the relative importance of evaluation criteria to be used in the ranking of prospective contractors. The agency shall include the following evaluation criteria in any request for proposals:

(1)    Specialized expertise, capabilities, and technical competence as demonstrated by the proposed approach and methodology to meet the project requirements;

(2)    Resources available to perform the work, including any specialized services, within the specified time limits for the project;

(3)    Record of past performance, including price and cost data from previous projects, quality of work, ability to meet schedules, cost control, and contract administration;

(4)    Availability to the project locale;

(5)    Familiarity with the project locale;

(6)    Proposed project management techniques; and

(7)    Ability and proven history in handling special project constraints.

Source: SL 2010, ch 31, § 112.