6-8-3Validation of obligations and proceedings despite irregularities and defects--Constitutional requirements not waived.

In all such cases as described in § 6-8-2, the bonds so issued and all proceedings taken before January 1, 2001, for the issuance of such bonds and for the levy and appropriation of taxes, assessments, or revenues for the payment thereof and all covenants heretofore made for the security of such bonds are hereby declared to be valid and legal, notwithstanding any defect or irregularity, other than constitutional defects, in any of said bonds including, but without limitation of the generality hereof, any defect or irregularity in any election, notice of election, publication, or petition required by law, or in any of the obligations issued before January 1, 2001, which are funded or refunded, by bonds heretofore issued or authorized to be issued, including special assessment proceedings and special assessment certificates or bonds issued in lieu thereof; and all such bonds issued pursuant to said proceedings heretofore taken, shall be legal, valid, and binding obligations of the political subdivision issuing the same, notwithstanding any defects or irregularities, other than actions prohibited by the Constitution or omissions or actions required by the Constitution, in the proceedings taken for the issuance of such bonds.

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