6-12-6Restrictions on power of home rule units.

The power of a home rule unit does not include the power to:

(1)    Enact private or civil law governing civil relationships except as incident to the exercise of an independent county or municipal power;

(2)    Define and provide for the punishment of a crime, but this limitation shall not abridge the power of a home rule unit to provide punishment for the violation of ordinances or charter provisions by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars or by imprisonment not exceeding six months or by both such fine and imprisonment;

(3)    Abridge laws relating to elementary and secondary education;

(4)    Change assessment practices and procedures relating to ad valorem taxation of property;

(5)    Exempt itself from providing the necessary personnel and facilities to perform services required by general law to be performed by a like unit or units of local government;

(6)    Deny referendum on ordinances or bylaws provided by chapter 9-19;

(7)    Regulate rates or conditions of service of any public utility regulated by the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission.

Source: SL 1974, ch 52, § 6; SL 1975, ch 283, § 56.