7-1-5Bon Homme County boundaries.

Beginning at the northeast corner of township ninety-six north of range fifty-eight, west of the fifth principal meridian, thence west and along the township line between townships ninety-six and ninety-seven north, to the intersection of said township line with the eastern boundary of the former Yankton-Sioux Indian Reservation, thence south and along the eastern boundary line of said former reservation and the center of the main channel of Choteau Creek to the boundary of line between the states of South Dakota and Nebraska; thence easterly and along the said state line to the range line between ranges fifty-seven and fifty-eight west, as extended; thence north and along said range line to the place of beginning.

Source: SL 1862, ch 12, § 1; SL 1870-1, ch 10, § 4; SDC 1939, § 12.0106.