7-3-1      Petition for division of county--Contents and filing--Minimum size of new county.
7-3-2      Voters' approval of division--Name and organization of new county.
7-3-3      Revision of commissioner districts after division of county.
7-3-4      Apportionment of bonded indebtedness after division of county--Bonds and tax levy of new county.
7-3-5      Apportionment of floating or warrant indebtedness on division of county--Bond issue by new county to cover proportionate share.
7-3-6      Sale of county bonds based on advertising and award before division.
7-3-7      Inventory and apportionment of assets and liabilities by auditor-general.
7-3-8      Auditor-general's report filed with county auditors--Conclusive evidence.
7-3-9      County action to set aside auditor-general's report--Time for filing--Estimate and appraisement as prima facie evidence.
7-3-10      Auditor-general's apportionment final if no action brought.
7-3-11      Warrants issued for settlement of accounts between counties.
7-3-12      Expenses of auditor-general--Apportionment and payment by counties.
7-3-13      Transfer of books, records, and files relating exclusively to new county.
7-3-14      Indexing and marginal notation by original county of records transferred to new county--Indexing and preservation in new county.
7-3-15      Inventory of books, records and files transferred to new county.
7-3-16      Transferred records deemed original records--Certified copies as evidence.
7-3-17      Transcript of records obtained by new county--Evidentiary value.
7-3-18      Contract for transcription of records for new county--Certification of instruments transcribed.
7-3-19      Repealed.
7-3-20      Affidavit as to transcription of all records.
7-3-21      County commissioners' certificate of completion of transcriptions--Recording of instruments before certificate filed.
7-3-22      County commissioners' discretion in transcription of records.