7-12-17. Mileage and food allowances unaffected by salary provisions--Deduction for housing furnished by county.

Section 7-12-15 may not be construed to change the reimbursement of the sheriff for costs of mileage incurred while on official business or to change the fee received by the sheriff for the costs of food for boarding of prisoners. If housing and utilities are furnished by a county to the sheriff, the county board of commissioners may establish a reasonable value for such quarters, based upon the general level of housing accommodation rentals prevailing at the county seat, and deduct from the regular salary of the sheriff an equivalent amount therefor.

Source: SDC 1939, § 12.1011 as added by SL 1963, ch 40, § 6; SL 1966, ch 23, § 1; SL 1968, ch 13; SL 1969, ch 22; SL 2021, ch 37, § 1.