7-18-1    County as body corporate--Party in court.

7-18-2    Seal of county.

7-18-3    Designation of official newspapers for county--Publication of board proceedings and notices.

7-18-3.1    Names of poor relief recipients not published.

7-18-4    Affidavit of official publications.

7-18-5    Report of commissioners' proceedings to be sent to official newspapers.

7-18-6    7-18-6 to 7-18-6.4. Repealed by SL 1986, ch 4, § 8.

7-18-7    Tax levy to pay judgment against county--County property exempt from process.

7-18-8    Liability insurance and agreements obtained for county--Protection for officers and employees.

7-18-9    Condemnation of private property by county--Resolution of necessity.

7-18-10    Agreements with federal agencies.

7-18-11    7-18-11. Repealed by SL 1985, ch 77, § 42.

7-18-12    Expenditures for industrial, tourist and recreational activities to nonprofit corporations or associations--Reports required--Inspection of books and records.

7-18-13    County contributions to safety programs.

7-18-14    Flood control cooperative agreements authorized.

7-18-15    County powers in implementation of flood control programs.

7-18-16    Rental facilities for economic development--Power to issue revenue bonds.

7-18-17    Rental facilities for economic development--Agreements for joint or cooperative action.

7-18-18    Deferred compensation program for volunteer firefighters--Establishment and management--Participation optional.

7-18-18.1    Deferred compensation program for volunteer advanced life support personnel.

7-18-19    County authorized to provide funds for air carrier air service.

7-18-20    Adoption of ordinances to protect groundwater authorized--Scope and purpose--Agreements to implement and enforce wellhead protection program.

7-18-21    Temporary campgrounds--Permit required.

7-18-22    Special events--Permits.

7-18-23    County funded fire protection services.

7-18-24    Petition for public hearing on sale of gravel by county.

7-18-25    Scheduling public hearing on sale of gravel--Notice.

7-18-26    Public testimony--Authorization to sell gravel--Resale prohibited.

7-18-27    Annual hearing on continuance of sale of gravel--Notice.

7-18-28    Lease of federal or state real property for public purposes.

7-18-29    Authority of county commissioners to regulate hawkers, peddlers, pawnbrokers, ticket scalpers or employment agencies.

7-18-30    Lease, sale, gift or conveyance by county authorized.

7-18-31    Conditions of lease of county-owned property.

7-18-32    Hearing required for lease of certain property.

7-18-33    Application of chapter 7-30.

7-18-34    Contributions to technical colleges.