7-25A-38Requirements for charges--Uniformity--Production of minimum revenues.

The rates, fees, rentals, and charges shall be just and equitable and uniform for users of the same class and shall be such as will produce revenues, together with any other assessments, taxes, revenues, or funds available or pledged for such purpose, at least sufficient to provide for the items hereinafter listed, but not necessarily in the order stated:

(1)    To provide for all expenses of operation and maintenance of such facility or service;

(2)    To pay when due all bonds and interest thereon for the payment of which such revenues are, or shall have been, pledged or encumbered, including reserves for such purpose; and

(3)    To provide for any other funds which may be required under the resolution or resolutions authorizing the issuance of bonds pursuant to this chapter.

Source: SL 1989, ch 59, § 38.