7-31-32Exchange of isolated tracts--Advertising and appraisement not required.

In order to carry out the purpose of this chapter and to provide for efficient administration and management of county lands and to secure the maximum revenue therefrom the board of county commissioners are hereby authorized and empowered to exchange by transfer of title or lease scattered and isolated tracts and sections of county-owned lands for other public or private lands of like character in value, and to execute proper conveyances or leases thereof, in manner and form as provided by existing laws, but without the necessity of complying with any statute requiring advertising, notice, or appraisement, and to accept in return therefor a proper instrument of conveyance to the county of lands for which such lands are exchanged. Lands acquired by exchange shall be sold and leased as provided herein.

Source: SL 1939, ch 25, § 6; SL 1941, ch 38, § 2; SDC Supp 1960, § 12.3409.