7-31-38Mineral, oil and gas leases permitted.

To foster and encourage the development and exploitation of mineral, oil, gas, or other substances or commodities among the natural and physical resources of the State of South Dakota, and for the purpose of developing the resources, and operating and carrying on works of internal improvement in the State of South Dakota, any county of this state, as lessor, through its board of county commissioners, is hereby authorized to execute and issue in the name of such county leases for the exploration and development of, and production of oil or gas from any of the lands belonging to any county of this state acquired in satisfaction of a school-fund loan mortgage or through foreclosure of such, or acquired through tax-deed proceedings or in payment of taxes, to any lessees for such a term of years and upon such terms as may be prescribed and contracted by the board of county commissioners of any county in the state in the exercise of their best judgment, to induce drilling operations and production of oil or gas in paying quantities.

Source: SL 1939, ch 165, § 1; SDC Supp 1960, § 42.0801.