8-3-16Conduct of voting by ballot.

When the voters vote by ballot for township officers, a poll list shall be kept by the clerk of the meeting, on which shall be entered the name of each person whose vote is received. The ballot, which may be written or printed, or partly written and partly printed, shall include all officers to be elected. It shall contain the name of each person voted for and the office for which such person is intended to be chosen. It shall be delivered by the voter to one of the judges, so folded as to conceal its contents, and the judge shall deposit the ballot in a box provided for that purpose.

Source: SL 1883, ch 112, subch 1, §§ 25 to 27; CL 1887, §§ 726 to 728; RPolC 1903, §§ 1018 to 1020; RC 1919, § 6063; SDC 1939, § 58.0315.