8-10-19Register of warrants not paid on presentation--Data entered.

The township treasurer shall keep a suitable registry to be provided at the expense of the township in which he shall enter the warrants he cannot pay for want of funds when presented to him for payment, which registry shall show in a column arranged for that purpose the number, date, and amount of each warrant presented, the particular fund upon which the same is drawn, the date of presentation, the name and address of the person in whose name the same is registered, the date of payment when made, the amount of interest and the total amount paid thereon, with the date when notice to the person in whose name such warrant is registered is mailed as hereinafter provided.

Source: SL 1883, ch 112, subch 1, § 76; CL 1887, § 788; RPolC 1903, § 1082; RC 1919, § 6104; SDC 1939, § 58.0708.