01.     Definitions And General Provisions
02.     Classes Of Municipalities
03.     Incorporation Of Municipalities
03A.     Townsite Locations On Federal Lands
04.     Change Of Municipal Boundaries
05.     Annexation Of Contiguous Municipalities
06.     Dissolution Of Municipalities
07.     Third Class Municipality Board Of Trustees
08.     Aldermanic Form Of Government
09.     Commissioner Form Of Government
10.     City Manager
11.     Change Of Form Of Government
12.     General Powers Of Municipalities
13.     Municipal Elections
14.     Municipal Officers And Employees
14A.     Arbitration Of Firemen's And Policemen's Labor Disputes [Repealed]
15.     South Dakota Municipal Retirement System [Repealed]
16.     City Retirement Systems And Pensions
17.     Associations Of Municipalities
18.     Municipal Records And Proceedings
19.     Ordinances And Resolutions
20.     Initiative And Referendum
21.     Tax Levies And Appropriations
21A.     Classification Of Urban And Rural Property For Tax Purposes
22.     Custody And Accounting For Municipal Funds
23.     Municipal Warrants And Disbursements
24.     Actions Against Municipalities
25.     Municipal Bonds And Notes
26.     General Obligation Bonds
27.     Acquisition And Disposition Of Real Estate
28.     Disposition Of Surplus Personal Property [Repealed]
29.     General Police Powers And Violations
30.     Regulation Of Streets And Public Places
31.     Traffic Regulation
32.     Sanitation And Health Measures
33.     Fire Protection And Safety Regulations
34.     Trade Regulation And Licenses
35.     Carrier And Utility Franchises And Regulation
36.     Flood Control And Stream Improvement
37.     Housing And Redevelopment Powers [Transferred]
38.     Municipal Parks And Recreational Facilities
39.     Municipal Utilities In General
40.     Utility Facilities And Revenue Bonds
41.     Municipal Telephone Systems
41A.     Municipal Power Agencies

42.     Construction Of Local Improvements
43.     Special Assessments And Financing Of Improvements
44.     Municipal Improvement Bonds
45.     Street And Alley Improvements
46.     Sidewalk Improvements
47.     Water Supply Systems
48.     Sewer Systems
49.     Combined Sewer And Waterworks Improvements [Repealed]
50.     Financing Of Sewer And Waterworks Improvements [Repealed]
51.     Municipal Parking Facilities
52.     Municipal Auditoriums
53.     Public Convention Halls
54.     Economic Development Projects
55.     Business Improvement Districts