9-3A-9Payment of share of expenses required before conveyance by municipal authorities or judge.

Before any authorities or judge shall be required to execute, acknowledge, or deliver any deed of conveyance of land or any part thereof, as hereinbefore provided, to any person entitled to that deed, the person shall pay or tender to the authorities or judge the amount shown by the statement provided in § 9-3A-7, chargeable upon the same or that part to be conveyed, together with interest on each of the items of the account at the Category A rate of interest as established in § 54-3-16 from the date of each item, and also other amounts as are reasonable for preparing, executing, and acknowledging the deed and acknowledgment fees.

Source: SL 1971, ch 69, § 9; SL 1983, ch 28, § 19; SL 1984, ch 319, § 7.