9-4-4.7Time of election on annexation--Referendum provisions applicable.

The governing body shall within ten days after the presentation of a petition pursuant to § 9-4-4.5, fix a date for holding a special election, to be on a Tuesday not less than thirty nor more than fifty days from the date of the order of the governing body. If a petition is filed on or after January first prior to the annual municipal election and within sufficient time to comply with the provisions of § 9-13-14, the question shall be submitted at that annual municipal election. The special election shall be conducted pursuant to §§ 9-20-12 to 9-20-14, inclusive, and §§ 9-20-16 and 9-20-17 and shall be under the charge of the municipal finance officer.

Source: SL 1979, ch 47, § 10; SL 1981, ch 63; SL 1983, ch 53, § 1.