9-4-1    Annexation of territory on petition by voters and landowners.

9-4-1.1    Municipalities authorized to enter into annexation and development agreements with landowners.

9-4-2    Repealed by SL 1979, ch 47, §§ 13 to 15.

9-4-4.1    Study required before annexation without petition.

9-4-4.2    Resolution of intent to annex--Contents for large municipalities.

9-4-4.3    Notice of hearing on resolution to landowners and county auditor--Adoption.

9-4-4.4    Hearing on resolution of annexation--Notice to landowners and county auditor--Adoption of resolution--Contents.

9-4-4.5    Petition for submission of annexation resolution to voters.

9-4-4.6    Contents of referendum petition--Signatures--Verification.

9-4-4.7    Time of election on annexation--Referendum provisions applicable.

9-4-4.8    Special precinct for area to be annexed--Registration lists.

9-4-4.9    Vote required to approve annexation--Effective date.

9-4-4.10    Proceedings to enforce terms of resolution of annexation or resolution of intent.

9-4-4.11    Resolution of intent to annex--Contents for small municipalities.

9-4-4.21    Transferred to § 9-4-4.11.

9-4-5    Annexation of unplatted territory subject to approval by county commissioners.

9-4-6    Exclusion of territory from municipality on petition or by vote of governing body.

9-4-7    Publication of petition for exclusion of territory.

9-4-8    Petition to circuit court for exclusion of territory after refusal by governing body.

9-4-9    Service of notice of petition to circuit court--Hearing at term or in vacation.

9-4-10    Court order for exclusion of territory--Dismissal of petition.

9-4-11    Recording of resolution or decree changing municipal boundaries--Effective date.

9-4-12    Annexation of territory near municipal airport prohibited--Exception.

9-4-13    Repealed.

9-4-14    Municipal airport outside corporate limits exempt from annexation restrictions--Extraterritorial jurisdiction--Application to property in another municipality.