9-6-1      Landowners' petition to circuit court for dissolution by decree.
9-6-2      Contents of petition for dissolution by decree--Verification and filing.
9-6-3      Show cause order to municipality on petition for dissolution--Service.
9-6-4      Objections to petition for dissolution--Taking of evidence.
9-6-5      Referee to determine facts on petition for dissolution--Report of referee.
9-6-6      Decree of dissolution of municipality.
9-6-7      Judgment record in proceedings for dissolution.
9-6-8      Filing and recording of decree of dissolution--Cessation of municipal existence.
9-6-9      Jurisdiction of municipal territory after dissolution--Power of municipal officers to wind up affairs.
9-6-10      Application for dissolution by election--Ballot form and conduct of election.
9-6-11      Waiting period after rejection of dissolution by voters.
9-6-12      Number of votes required for dissolution--Cessation of municipal existence--Disposition of municipal property--Existing rights preserved.