9-13-1.1Joint municipal and school district elections authorized--Date--Sharing costs and responsibilities.

Any other provision of this chapter notwithstanding, the members of the governing body of a municipality may choose to hold a general municipal election in conjunction with a regular school district election. The combined election is subject to approval by the governing body of the school district. The combined election shall be held on the regular date set for either the general municipal election or the school district election and all dates associated with either election pursuant to chapters 9-13 and 13-7 shall be adjusted accordingly. Expenses of a combined election shall be shared in a manner agreed upon by the governing bodies of the municipality and the school district. All other governmental responsibilities associated with holding elections under the provisions of chapters 9-13 and 13-7 shall be shared as agreed upon by the governing bodies.

Source: SL 1981, ch 66, § 1.