9-13-7. Municipal office--Nominating petition--Contents.

No candidate for elective municipal office may be nominated unless a nominating petition is filed with the finance officer no later than five p.m. on the last Friday in February preceding the day of election. The petition shall be considered filed if it is mailed by registered mail by five p.m. on the last Friday in February before the election. The petition shall contain the name, residence address, and mailing address of the candidate and the office for which the candidate is nominated and shall be on the form prescribed by the State Board of Elections. The signer's post office box number may be given in lieu of a street address if the signer lives within a municipality of the second or third class. The finance officer may only accept nominating petitions that are on the prescribed form and were circulated and submitted pursuant to the provisions in chapters 9-13 and 12-6. Upon verification signed by the municipal finance officer or clerk that the nominating petition contains the minimum number of signatures of registered voters within either the municipality or ward, or both, and that the candidate is a registered voter within either the municipality or ward, or both, the filing of the petition constitutes nomination.

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