9-14-17Records maintained by finance officer--Warrants on treasury--Expense estimates--Contracts.

The municipal finance officer shall keep an office at a place directed by the governing body. The finance officer shall keep the corporate seal, all papers and records of the municipality, and a record of the proceedings of the governing body, whose meetings the finance officer shall attend. The finance officer shall draw and countersign all warrants on the treasury in pursuance of orders or resolutions of the governing body and keep a full and accurate account of all such warrants in books provided for that purpose. The finance officer shall make or cause to be made estimates of the expenses of any work to be done by the municipality and countersign all contracts made on its behalf and certificates of work authorized by any committee of the governing body or by any municipal officer. However, the finance officer may destroy any record which the records destruction board, acting pursuant to § 1-27-19, declares to have no further administrative, legal, fiscal, research, or historical value.

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