9-26-23Agreement with judgment creditor for satisfaction of judgment on delivery of bonds--Filing of agreement.

No judgment bonds shall be issued and delivered to the judgment creditor until after the execution of an agreement between such municipality and such judgment creditor to the effect that upon the payment of the principal and interest upon said bonds according to the terms thereof, such judgment shall be satisfied and discharged, and that prior to the payment in full of the principal and interest of said bonds, together with interest thereon according to the terms and conditions thereof, said judgment shall remain in full force and effect as security for the payment of such principal and interest; and that so long as such municipality shall not make default for more than sixty days in the payment of the principal of such bonds or of the interest thereon, said judgment creditor shall take no proceedings at law or otherwise to enforce payment of such judgment.

Such agreement shall be executed in triplicate and one copy thereof shall be delivered to the judgment creditor, one copy shall remain in the custody of the auditor or clerk, and the third copy shall be filed in the office of the clerk of the court in which such judgment is entered and a memorandum of such contract entered upon the judgment docket of the court.

Source: SL 1905, ch 65, § 2; RC 1919, § 6424; SDC 1939, § 45.2318.