9-36-4Notice of proposed resolution to establish stream boundaries--Contents and publication.

After said plat shall have been filed, notice of such proposed resolution shall be given by the auditor or clerk by publication once each week for at least two successive weeks.

The notice shall refer to the plat on file in the office of the auditor or clerk and shall fix the time and place when the governing body shall meet to act upon said resolution. It shall specify the legal description of all real property abutting upon said river or stream which shall be affected by said proposed boundary lines, and shall require all persons owning or interested in any property affected by said proposed boundary lines to appear at the meeting of the governing body and file in writing any objection which they may have to the said resolution.

Source: SL 1931, ch 189, § 3; SDC 1939, § 45.2002; SL 1972, ch 51, § 1.