9-43-1    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 57, § 1.

9-43-2    9-43-2 to 9-43-4. Repealed by SL 1975, ch 89, § 2.

9-43-5    9-43-5 to 9-43-41. Repealed by SL 2012, ch 57, § 2.

9-43-41.1    9-43-41.1. Repealed by SL 1974, ch 78, § 6.

9-43-42    9-43-42 to 9-43-53. Repealed by SL 2012, ch 57, § 2.

9-43-53.1    9-43-53.1. Repealed by SL 1974, ch 78, § 6.

9-43-54    9-43-54 to 9-43-74. Repealed by SL 2012, ch 57, § 2.

9-43-75    Local improvement defined.

9-43-76    Municipal powers relating to special assessments and financing local improvements.

9-43-77    Sources of funds for payment of cost of improvement.

9-43-78    Calculation of special assessments--Property outside municipal boundaries.

9-43-79    Assessment according to special benefit.

9-43-80    Total benefit of local improvement.

9-43-81    Plans and specifications.

9-43-82    Proposed resolution of necessity--Public hearing.

9-43-83    Notice of hearing--Publication.

9-43-84    Personal notice of hearing by mail.

9-43-85    Objections--Adoption--Amendment.

9-43-86    Time for construction, contract, levy and collection of assessments--Protest petition.

9-43-87    Assessment roll.

9-43-88    Lot defined.

9-43-89    Assessment payable in installments.

9-43-90    Hearing on assessment roll--Notice.

9-43-91    Approval, equalization, amendment, or rejection of assessment roll.

9-43-92    New roll to be made upon rejection.

9-43-93    List of amended items to be published--Hearing.

9-43-94    Approval and levy of assessment.

9-43-95    Resolution to specify payment plan.

9-43-96    Appeal of decision--Time for appeal--Notice of appeal.

9-43-97    Numbering of each item of assessment.

9-43-98    Special record.

9-43-99    Notice of assessment mailed to owners.

9-43-100    Continuing lien on property--Exceptions.

9-43-101    Waiver or reduction of special assessments.

9-43-102    Resolution to specify payment under Plan One or Plan Two.

9-43-103    Payment due dates--Interest on unpaid installments.

9-43-104    Payment without interest or interest to the date of payment.

9-43-105    Delivery of assessment roll to county auditor under Plan One.

9-43-106    Delivery of assessment roll to county auditor under Plan Two--Notice of payment of delinquent installment.

9-43-107    Time for Plan One payment to municipal finance officer.

9-43-108    County auditor to certify installment, interest, and general taxes to the county treasurer for collection.

9-43-109    Calculation of interest on installments--Delinquent installments--Penalty.

9-43-110    Amount owing by county, municipality, school district, or the state on account of assessments against property within municipality.

9-43-111    Payment of proceeds of special assessments under Plan One or delinquent Plan Two.

9-43-112    Sale of parcel for nonpayment of taxes and assessments--Redemption.

9-43-113    County bid to include assessments--Payment and discharge of lien.

9-43-114    Negotiable bonds to finance local improvement.

9-43-115    Fund for payment of cost of improvements.

9-43-116    Transfer of special assessment bonds to general obligation bond sinking fund.

9-43-117    Application of moneys received from collection of assessments.

9-43-118    Application of moneys collected in debt service fund for general obligation bonds--Tax levy for payment of general obligation bonds--Transfer of assessment bonds.

9-43-119    Calculation of net indebtedness of municipality on general obligation bonds.

9-43-120    Special assessment accounts--Source of moneys for accounts.

9-43-121    Separate fund to pay cost of local improvements.

9-43-122    Transfer of special assessment bonds to special assessment accounts.

9-43-123    Transfer of excess assets to sinking fund for general obligation bonds issued to create and maintain special assessments.

9-43-124    Restriction on transfer of special assessment moneys to other municipal fund.

9-43-125    Restriction on injunctions--Time for commencing action on assessment.

9-43-126    Action challenging assessment to resolve all issues in one proceeding.

9-43-127    Districts for construction and maintenance of local improvements.

9-43-128    Plan for local improvement district.

9-43-129    Publication of notice of plan for local improvement district--Public hearing.

9-43-130    Approval, modification or rejection of plan.

9-43-131    Lots in district liable for assessments upon approval of plan.

9-43-132    Apportionment of costs according to benefits accruing to lots.

9-43-133    Lots subject to assessment both as fronting and abutting property and as property benefited.

9-43-134    New assessment or reassessment for irregularities.

9-43-135    Notice of reassessment.

9-43-136    Assessment of additional cost of improvement--Public hearing.

9-43-137    Federal loans.

9-43-138    Special maintenance fee--Purposes--Exemptions.

9-43-139    Application of chapter.