9-45-1    Municipal power over streets, alleys, and public grounds--Types of improvements permitted.

9-45-2    Street names and numbering of houses.

9-45-3    Bridges, culverts and sluiceways.

9-45-4    City power over bridges, viaducts, and tunnels.

9-45-5    Crosswalks, curbs, gutters, and drains.

9-45-6    Survey and plat filed on laying out or boundary change in street, alley, or public ground.

9-45-7    Petition of property owners or landowners required for vacation of street, alley, or public ground--Plat--Verification of petition.

9-45-8    Publication of notice of petition and hearing on vacation.

9-45-9    Hearing and decision on vacation of street, alley, or public ground--Vote required.

9-45-10    Vacation after nonuser of platted street or alley--Petition of property owners.

9-45-11    Notice and hearing on vacation of platted street or alley--Evidence of nonuser.

9-45-12    Publication and filing of resolution vacating platted street or alley.

9-45-13    Irregularities in vacation proceedings cured after two years.

9-45-13.1    Vacation of street in extraterritorial jurisdiction of municipality.

9-45-14    Establishment of grade of street, alley, or sidewalk--Record kept by auditor or clerk.

9-45-15    Change of grade of street--Municipal liability for damage to abutting property.

9-45-16    Resolution of necessity for construction of viaduct--Assessment and liability for damage to property.

9-45-17    Viaduct specifications determined by governing body.

9-45-18    Viaduct costs borne and work done by railroads--Neglect as petty offense--Proceedings to compel compliance.

9-45-19    Viaduct work done by municipality on failure by railroad--Costs charged against railroad.

9-45-20    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 57, §§ 79 to 93.

9-45-35    Assumption by municipality of cost of repairing street previously constructed by assessment.

9-45-36    Sidewalk relocation costs shared by municipality.

9-45-37    Record of street proceedings kept by auditor or clerk.

9-45-38    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 57, §§ 95, 96.