9-54-1    Purpose of chapter.

9-54-2    Power to issue bonds, acquire or construct projects and enter revenue agreements--Location of projects.

9-54-2.1    Power to issue revenue bonds, purchase or discharge debt of nonprofit corporation operating health care or housing facility and enter revenue agreements--Location of project.

9-54-2.2    Restriction on use of bonds for elderly housing projects.

9-54-3    "Revenue bonds" defined.

9-54-3.1    "Revenue agreement" defined.

9-54-4    Costs to be covered by bonds--Authorization, issuance and sale of bonds.

9-54-5    Amount of bond issue limited by costs.

9-54-6    Bonds not general obligations nor payable by taxation--Recitals in bonds.

9-54-7    Mortgage of project and pledge of revenues to payment of bonds--Trust funds--Other covenants and agreements.

9-54-8    Lease or sale payments sufficient to pay bonds and costs--Payments in lieu of property taxes.

9-54-8.1    Lease with option to purchase--Title acquired before bonds retired--Pledge for payment of bonds.

9-54-9    Municipal obligations restricted by contractual payments from facilities.

9-54-10    County and sanitary district powers.

9-54-11    Municipal joint or cooperative agreements.

9-54-12    Compliance with federal requirements for tax exemption.