10-6-8Statement of real property.

The director of equalization may require each person subject to this chapter to furnish to such director of equalization a statement under oath setting forth specifically all real property owned by such person or under his control on the statutory assessment day. Such statement must be in writing upon blanks furnished under the provisions of this chapter, showing separately:

(1) to (3)    Repealed by SL 1992, ch 80, § 35.

(4)    All structures and improvements that have been erected or placed upon said person's real estate subsequent to the preceding assessment day;

(5)    The county in which such property is situated, or in which it is liable to taxation, and (if liable to taxation in the county in which the statement is made) also the municipal, school district, township, or other taxing districts in which it is situated.

Source: SL 1955, ch 422, § 24; SL 1957, ch 477, § 13; SDC Supp 1960, § 57.03A13; SL 1992, ch 80, § 35.