10-10-1    Petition by freeholders for county classification of real property--Number of signers--Time of filing.

10-10-2    Resolution by county commissioners for classification--Filing--Employment of person to make classifications.

10-10-3    10-10-3. Repealed by SL 1985, ch 77, § 42.

10-10-4    Preparation of list of taxable real estate within county--Land acquired from government.

10-10-5    Classification of real estate--Factors considered--Inspection and hearings.

10-10-6    Rules for classification of real property.

10-10-7    Classification records filed with county auditor--Valuation by county commissioners.

10-10-8    Consideration and equalization of classification and valuations at annual equalization meeting--Changes by Office of Hearing Examiners.

10-10-9    Changes in classification and valuation--Notice to taxpayers.

10-10-10    Copies of classifications and valuations delivered to townships, municipalities and Department of Revenue.

10-10-11    Appeal from county board in classification, valuation and equalization matters.

10-10-12    10-10-12. Repealed by SL 1994, ch 73, § 13.

10-10-13    Time for taking appeal.

10-10-14    Petition and special election on township resurvey for tax purposes.

10-10-15    Township resurvey after approval by voters--Recording of plat--Acreage used for assessment purposes.

10-10-16    Private resurvey for tax purposes--Recording of plat--Acreage observed in assessments.

10-10-17    10-10-17 to 10-10-19. Transferred to §§ 10-4-30 to 10-4-32.