10-38-24. Special assessment--Delinquent utility--Seizure and advertisement of property.

If any public utility company, subject to taxation pursuant to chapter 10-28, 10-33, or 10-35 shall neglect or refuse to pay any special assessment levied against such utility company, the county treasurer, city treasurer, or other officer charged with its collection, whenever such special assessment shall become delinquent, shall collect the same by seizure of engines, cars, rolling stock, and any personal property of such company, in an amount sufficient to pay such special assessment, with accrued penalty and interest and all accrued costs, wherever the same may be found in the county or counties in which such special assessment may have been made and levied, and shall immediately proceed to advertise the same for sale in three public places in the county, or by advertisement in one of the newspapers published in the county where such property is taken, for a period of at least ten days before such sale, stating the time when and place where such property will be sold.

Source: SL 1913, ch 340, § 1; RC 1919, § 6663; SDC 1939, § 57.2002; SL 2021, ch 43, § 19.