11-4-25. Petition to court contesting decision of board.

Any person or persons, jointly or severally, or any officer, department, board, or bureau of the municipality, aggrieved by any decision of the board of adjustment may present to a court of record a petition for writ of certiorari, duly verified, setting forth that such decision is illegal, in whole or in part, specifying the grounds of the illegality. Such petition shall be presented to the court within thirty days after the filing of the decision in the office of the board. The board of adjustment shall respond to the petition within thirty days of receiving the notice of the filing and shall simultaneously submit the complete record of proceedings of the board appealed from, in the form of a return on a petition for writ, without need for a court order or formal issuance of writ.

A petitioner to the circuit court under this section shall pay all transcript costs required to complete the record of proceedings of the board from which the decision was appealed.

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