13-28-50. School districts to provide student mailing lists to Board of Regents and technical colleges--Use in providing post-secondary school information--Exception.

By November first each year, each school district shall provide a list of students by name in grades seven to twelve, inclusive, together with their mailing addresses, to the executive director of the Board of Regents and to each technical college located in the state. The board and each technical college shall use the information to inform the parents and guardians of any such student in any public middle school and high school about the courses needed to prepare for postsecondary-level work and about the benefits of such preparation. However, no school district may forward the name of any student whose parent has directed that the school district not release directory information about the student. The board shall provide a format through which the information may be submitted.

Source: SL 2002, ch 89, § 1; SL 2015, ch 93, § 1; SL 2020, ch 61, § 42.