13-39-1.2. Definitions.

Terms used in this chapter, mean:

(1)    "Career and technical education," a contextual education model that employs career clusters and programs of study in preparing highly skilled students for success in postsecondary education and in-demand careers;

(2)    "Career clusters," a distinct grouping of occupations and industries based on the knowledge and skills they require;

(3)    "Center board," the governing body of a multidistrict, career and technical academy;

(4)    "Department," the Department of Education;

(5)    "Director," the person at the Department of Education responsible for the administration of career and technical education;

(6)    "Facilities," buildings, rooms, property, and permanent equipment, including vehicles, used to provide career and technical education;

(7)    "LEA," a local education agency limited to public school districts, the legal entities that a school district is authorized to establish, or a distinct separate LEA established pursuant to § 13-39A-35;

(8)    "Multidistrict, career and technical academy," an educational entity designed to provide career and technical education and academic courses that prepare youth for a wide range of careers that require varying levels of education;

(9)    "Participating district," a school district which has voting representation on a center board;

(10)    "Technical college," as defined in § 13-39A-1;

(11)    "Secretary," the secretary of education;

(12)    "State board," the South Dakota Board of Education Standards established in § 1-45-6.1.

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