13-39-19. Distribution of state and federal funds to schools--State treasurer custodian of money from federal appropriations.

The secretary of education may distribute funds appropriated to the department by the Legislature or granted by any federal agency to the state in accordance with chapter 4-8B, for career and technical education in public secondary and technical colleges in the state in accordance with a state plan or plans adopted by the South Dakota Board of Education Standards or the South Dakota Board of Technical Education. The aid disbursed to the different schools of the state and all expenses incurred in the administration of the provisions of any federal acts relating to career and technical education shall be paid out of the funds of the secretary appropriated for that purpose and from the federal funds allotted to the State of South Dakota for similar purposes. The state treasurer is the custodian of all money paid to the state from federal appropriations for the purpose of career and technical education and shall disburse the funds on warrants issued by the state auditor upon vouchers approved by the director. The secretary of education shall authorize the director to submit vouchers to the state auditor for the amount payable as state and federal aid to each school approved under the provisions of this chapter. Upon receipt of the vouchers, the state auditor shall draw warrants on the state treasury in favor of the treasurer of the public secondary and technical college for the sum approved by the secretary.

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