13-39A-2. South Dakota Board of Technical Education--Creation.

There is hereby created the South Dakota Board of Technical Education. The oversight of the technical college system is vested in the board. The board shall consist of nine members. Four members shall be selected by the Governor from persons recommended by each of the technical colleges. Each of the four technical colleges shall submit to the Governor a list of not fewer than four persons, from which the Governor shall select one person. Each list shall be submitted no fewer than thirty days before the appointment is to be made. The Governor may reject the entire list and require a technical college to submit a new list. The Governor shall appoint the remaining board members to represent different geographic regions of the state and to reflect the industries that rely upon the technical colleges to provide a skilled workforce. All members shall be appointed with the advice and consent of the Senate.

Source: SL 2017, ch 81, § 2; SL 2020, ch 61, § 2.