13-55-31.2. Alternative testing requirements for opportunity scholarship eligibility.

Any student who does not meet the high school course requirements as provided in subdivision 13-55-31(3) is eligible for the opportunity scholarship program if:

(1)    The student takes theACT and earns a composite score or superscore of twenty-eight or higher and achieves ACT college readiness benchmark scores equaling or exceeding eighteen for English, twenty-one for reading, twenty-two for math, and twenty-four for science; or

(2)    The student takes the SAT and earns a verbal-mathematics score of twelve hundred fifty or higher, while also attaining sufficiently high markers in reading, writing, mathematics, and science as not to require remediation in any of those areas.

Source: SL 2010, ch 103, § 1, eff. July 1, 2013; SL 2020, ch 66, § 2.