15-7-10Service on secretary of transportation for nonresident or absent aircraft operator--Fee--Forwarding to defendant--Service without the state--Time for appearance by defendant--Record of process served.

Service of process as authorized by § 15-7-9 shall be made by serving a copy thereof upon the secretary of transportation or by filing a copy in his office, together with the payment of a fee of two dollars and shall be completed by the plaintiff, his agent, or attorney within ten days after such filing, forwarding to the defendant by registered or certified mail at the defendant's last known post office address, notice of such service and a copy of the process. In lieu of such mailing, such process may be served upon the defendant personally without the state at any time within thirty days after such filing of such process. The time within which the defendant may appear shall not commence to run until such mailing or such personal service without the state. The secretary of transportation shall keep a record of all such process so served, such record to show the day and hour of such service. The fee of two dollars paid by the plaintiff to such director shall be taxed in his costs if he prevails.

Source: SDC 1939, § 2.9905 as enacted by SL 1949, ch 8, § 3; SDC Supp 1960, § 2.0116.